How can I recruit more members to my club?

welcome reward

The majority of your new members will come from your own backyard. Make sure your staff is talking to customers. Also, set an inviting welcome reward to recruit new members.

shout out

Check out the promote tab on the merchant dashboard to get the word out via social media. Promote your club to your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or just email everyone!

 Do you have a cheat sheet for success?

 cheat sheet

YES! The best way to ensure you’re growing your business with this app is to:

Design your app: Make sure your loyalty app looks fantastic on your customers’ phones
Add Value: Fill your newly designed app with great rewards for your customers so everyone wants to participate
Launch: Get your new app on the phones of everyone you know
Enjoy: A large, healthy loyalty club and all the powerful marketing tool to make managing that club very, very easy!

Check out the Club Strength bar on your Home Page to stay organized and learn new ways to enrich your app too!

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