Frequently Asked Questions
We have complied a helpful list of frequently asked questions so you can better-manage your loyalty program, and get the answers you need. If you have any questions, or need any additional training, please call us at (800) 726-2117 EXT 1858 for assistance!
What does flok actually do?
• Flok by EMS is a mobile app for small businesses to engage and communicate with their customers. • It is fully customizable and tailored to fit your needs. flok is also automatic! • Your customers just walk in, and our beacon will greet them with a personalized message sent directly to their phone. • To find out (even) more, check out our How It Works page or get started now at
What is a digital punch card?
The flok digital punch card is the centerpiece of your new loyalty club, a virtual membership card that your regulars will see and use via their mobile phones. You determine the rewards and how your regulars earn them. Best of all, we track the visits for you, so there are no physical membership cards for customers to lose or to clutter their wallets.
What other costly services can flok replace?
In addition to your digital punch card, the flok premium package includes a fully operational platform, eliminating the need for email lists and services like Constant Contact and MailChimp. Our push notification feature replaces texting services as well as costly deals on Groupon and LivingSocial. You can finally market your deals directly to your customers without cutting into your bottom line!
Do you have a demo where I can try flok?
Why settle for a demo when you can use the actual product? Enjoy our premium features and go to to get started. You can also check our YouTube channel to watch videos and learn more about how flok can bolster your business.
Can I customize flok to fit with my brand?
Yes! You can change every aspect of the flok app (down to the color of the writing on the buttons) to ensure that it fits with your brand. It is already a part of the setup process and is super easy to do (our account managers are also available every step of the way to answer any questions). It will look and feel like you have a custom app, but with all the awesome flok features. And, you’ll save thousands of dollars you’d otherwise spend on building an app from scratch! 1-800-726-2117 Ext 1854.
Do you make paper punch cards?
No way! We love technology and hate remembering those little bits of paper! Our digital punch card works just like a paper punch card, but it is right on your customers’ phones.
What is a Club Card?
The club card is designed for your most loyal customer. It is a reward that they receive every time they walk in.
What is a Facebook check in?
This is a one-time reward that incentives your customers to check-in on Facebook.Check-ins on Facebook give you exposure to your customers social circles exposing your business to even more potential customers.
My website will not open from the flok app. How can I fix this?
Check the URL and makes sure it is HTTP and not HTTPS, remove the “S” from HTTPS.
How do I add an email list into the flok app for email blasting?
Select promote from the merchant Dashboard and click ‘upload list.’ This will generate an automatic email alerting the recipients of your new club. You can also set up an email template by going to email campaigns. *email lists must be in .CSV or .XLXS format in Excel.
I am concerned about multiple check-ins on my app. Is there a way to prevent this?
Your account is set up so a check in only happens once every 12 hrs. It can be change to once every 24 hrs. within your account setting. Also it can be customized for longer on request.
How do I change the password on a multi-location dashboard?
This is designed so that you can’t change the password for the protection of your app. With that said we can manually change the password by request only.
What happens to a reward that is earned, never used? Can I change the reward on the dashboard?
Customers retain the reward that they’ve earned. When the reward is changed they will then earn the new reward. It is a good practice to set an expiration date on your new rewards.
Can you set a reward to automatically give multiple punches?
No. You have to go in manually and add extra punches to the customers card. In the new business app flok has released, you will be able to add punches from the merchants phone.